About Us

Our History

 Two Brothers...one mission. To bring the finest in ingredients and preparation to an area that has been bogged down with the same 'ole same when it comes to big chains. We fill the niche for top-quality take-out and delivery dining in a very friendly family atmosphere. Chris has been a big player in the restaurant industry for years, and saw a need for improving the overall dining experience in the take-out and delivery arena. Jim has joined him to help to make this venture absolutely rewarding for you, our consumer. Thank you for choosing Dobros Pizza & Grill...NOW, for more than TEN years, delivering great taste, quality & freshness~


Let Dobros Pizza & Grill cater your next  event: We cater business lunches, dinners, swim teams, soccer teams.... (all teams!!), schools, churches and more!. We would love to discuss how to be a part of your next event. We are a Guilford County approved vendor and have served many areas of our county government including the Health Dept, Sheriff's office and more~


We are Local. Our family moved here from New York City with our father's job transfer. Jim and Chris are both locals and were born right here in Greensboro. We support local businesses and understand the importance of supporting local.  We THANK you for choosing local by choosing Dobros Pizza & Grill~